Page Requirement:5-6 pages, plus an Appendix sample recommendation communication

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Page Requirement:5-6 pages, plus an Appendix sample recommendation communication, 12 point font, double-spaced analyze the communication strategy issue Richard Hilton is facing in his department and with his team. Through investigating this case, a recommend should incorporate understanding of the organization’s culture, communication networks, and best practices for effective team meetings.Your analysis and recommendations should consider the following questions:Analysis:Based on the information provided within the case 8.1, what are the organization’s practices and values influence the organization’s culture?
As described in the case 8.1, how are team members communicating if there is a problem? What does the current action tell us about the communication networks and effectiveness of team meetings?
Consider the needs should the team meetings be virtual and include team members who are remote.
Recommendations for communication strategy:In order (first, second, third), who are the target audiences and what messages will you deliver to each of them?
Why will you deliver them in that order?
How you will deliver them?
You must apply what you’ve learned about culture, communication networks, and meeting management as you construct your analysis of the case situation and develop recommendations to support Richard Hilton in next steps.You must use the APA style of citation. You must include a minimum of three direct references from course readings (i.e. Zaremba textbook, assigned articles) used in your analysis, although you will likely use more. You must also include a sample communication in your final section and a references page at the end of the essay.You must use a thesis statement to guide your essay. You must also use the provided rhetorical form to structure the essay. Guidelines on both are found below.HOW: Gather your evidence in order to support your thesis. Write a thesis statement.
SUGGESTED THESIS MODEL ***NOTE: this sample thesis is not to be copied directly; it is a working draft to support your own writing and words. ***Richard Hilton’s communication challenge ________________________________________________________ caused by ______________________________________, ___________________________________, and _____________________________________ can be solved if ____________________________ does ____________________________________, _______________________________, and _________________________________________. (Feel free to list more causes and recommendations).Write a rough draft and support your thesis with references to the case and course readings.
Make sure your rough draft and final draft uses the rhetorical arrangement written below.
Be realistic about what can be communicated within the first 48 hours. Assume Richard Hilton does not have a current team communication strategy in place.
Required Sections GuidelinesI. Executive SummaryOne to two paragraphs in length
Summarize the critical events from the case that will be covered in the analysis
Briefly identify the major problems facing the main player
Summarize the recommended plan of action and include a brief justification of the recommended plan
II. Identification of Key StakeholdersIdentify the key players in the case
Include stakeholders who are impacted because of the critical events
For each key player, identify events in the case that the stakeholder finds troublesome and would consider a problem; in doing so, quote the case
III. Statement of the ProblemState the problems facing the main player
Identify and link the symptoms and root causes of the problems
Differentiate short term from long term problems
Conclude with the decision facing the main player
IV. Causes of the ProblemProvide a detailed analysis of the problems identified in the Statement of the Problem
In the analysis, apply theories and models from the text and/or readings
Support conclusions and /or assumptions with specific references to the case and/or the readings
V. Brainstorm 2 or 3 Suggestions for Solutions:Identify criteria to evaluate these solutions (i.e. time for implementation, communication strategies, acceptability to management)
Explain each criteria in 1-2 sentences
Brainstorm two or three possible suggestions for solutions
Evaluate the pros and cons of each suggestion against the criteria listed
Suggest additional pros/cons if appropriate
Using models and theories, identify why you chose these suggestions, how they would work, and why
VI. Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification: Choose one of your Brainstorm Solutions from Section V and DEVELOP and FINALIZE it here.Identify who, what, when, and how in your recommended plan of action
Solution and implementation should address the problems and causes identified in the earlier sections
Evaluate the recommended plan via the criteria in the previous section
Include a contingency plan(s) to back up the ‘ideal’ course of action
Describe the difficulties you expect to encounter in actually implementing the course of action under consideration, including any new problems
VII. AppendixInclude a sample communication after the close of the case analysis in an assigned Appendix. Provide the communication sample incorporating your recommendation and in a format that would be adopted by Richard Hilton, i.e. an e-mail communication, script at the opening of a meeting, a protocol to support the organization’s culture, etc.
Requirements: 1600

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