Part A Once upon a time there were three young women who were given full ride sc

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Part A Once upon a time there were three young women who were given full ride scholarships to college in America, they all came from different countries. There was Bella from the country of Brazil, Freya from the country of France, and last was Tilly from the country of Taiwan. They were attending MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Bella was there to earn a degree in Computer Science, Freya was attending to earn a degree in Physics before heading back to France, and Tilly wanted to earn a degree in Materials Engineering. All three had degrees from their own countries but wanted to advance in their fields of study. The three girls found out they would be roommates when they were at orientation and assigned dorm rooms. They were excited to get to know each other and learn more about what it was like from each other’s countries, along with learning more about America. The girls had been in college at MIT for about six months now and were finally though the class finals that they had before winter break. Each girl had considered going home but things didn’t work out to make that happen for any of them. Which lead to them being out on the night that they normally wouldn’t be out late for into a night they were not going to forget for a long time. Bella, Freya, and Tilly had gone out to watch a movie and were now headed to a local bar near the movie theater that they had not been to before, it look like a decent place from the outside, but things were different once they stepped inside the bar. What the girls didn’t realize was once they stepped through those doors every person took notice of them. They were not dressed like anyone else in the bar, they looked like college students in their jeans and jackets that were colorful, compared to everyone else in the bar men and women were dressed in their biker wear. What the three girls hadn’t seen was the behind the bar in the parking area was all the biker bikes parked. They decided to take a chance and stayed and set themselves up at the bar. They started with one drink which led to a few more, and soon they were having a decent time and didn’t notice two of the bikers who looked a little on the rougher side of things inch their way towards them with a look of trouble in their eyes. Freya had already stopped drinking in order to be the one to make sure they made it back to their dorm safely and together, and was not big for surprises, and with the situation already out of the normal for her, her nerves were already on edge. Suddenly, a fight broke out between first the two rougher bikers who were now located right behind the girls and could be heard yelling about who was going to get to take which girl. Then more of the bikers joined in on the fight. The girls started to back as far away as they could get once, they slide of the barstools and down the bar. They quickly realized they were blocked in because both the entrance where they came in at was blocked as well as the exit, from the various bikers either now fighting to just fight or to stand back and watch. The started talking about what their options were since they didn’t see a way out of here. They knew the cops had been called because they had overheard someone say that they already called when the bartender went to do exactly that. Bella coming Brazil believes in the rules and legal systems in order for a structured life, but also believed in enjoying life, and believed in acting as you pleased and enjoying life. Freya being from France did not enjoy surprises in any situation and liked to know what was going to happen before the night was going to even begin and enjoyed structured in a situation. When faced with this situation Freya was already willing to start yelling at the bikers. Freya rarely felt relaxed and enjoyed life for the fun of it outside of her college work. For Tilly, coming from Taiwan, believed in rigid codes of belief and behavior and was intolerant of unorthodox behavior. When it comes to indulgence in just enjoying life and doing what she wanted when she wanted Tilly fell in the middle of the group. Tonight, the girls had to decide to stay and give their accounting to the police over the fight of the men that were now being arrested for fighting essentially over them possibly leading to more serious charges for the bikers, or to brush it off as living in the moment and leave and head back to their dorms without making a comment to the officers. Even though Bella felt strongly about the legal system and believed in it, she also believed in living in the moment and wanted to let things be and just get out of the bar and go home for the night, forgetting the best she could that she was present at a biker bar when a fight actually broke out. Freya knew that if her friends had not stopped her from starting to yell at the bikers during the fight, she might have said some things that would have dragged her into the fight or caused her more trouble than she needed. She believed in the laws and rules and regulations and wanted to fill out the statement for the officers saying exactly what had happened, since being in the bar during the fight which had blown up was a surprise and Freya was not a fan of surprises and wanted the bikers stupid enough to get into the fight and that started it to get into trouble. Tilly on the other hand believed in rigid codes of behavior, and thought it was very inappropriate for the bar fight between the bikers, but she was willing to walk away from the situation and go back to the dorms with the other two without giving a statement to the officers, or stay and give one, she didn’t care which, just wanted Bella and Freya to come to an agreement so they could then start to move on from this night. Freya could not understand how Bella who is usually all about the rules and laws like she was, was suddenly wanting to let things go and just leave without giving the officers statements like they needed to do. Bella on the other hand didn’t understand why Freya wouldn’t let things just be for this one time, so they could just go home and forget about the night. In the end Tilly helped the girls to understand each other’s point of view. She explained to Freya how Bella’s willingness to leave without pursuing anything further was because she was used to indulging in things that she wanted when she wanted and could let go of the biker’s bar fight as being chalked up to the men being drunk and foolish. Bella had to be explained as to why Freya was being so persistent with doing the statements, after they had to stop her for putting her two senses in on the fight while it was happening. Bella couldn’t see how Freya was willing to do that during the fight, but then turn around and want to do everything to the letter of the law. Tilly explained to Bella that yes Freya was upset about the fight and was willing to voice that opinion, but still felt strongly about doing what they knew was right when it came to filling out the statements the officers asked for. Once, things were explained that way Bella understood where Freya was coming from and was willing to fill out the statements for the officers concerning the bar fight, and then the three girls were allowed to head back to their dorm rooms.Post B1. Review the submissions your peers made in Post A. No need to provide them with feedback. 2. Select one of the short stories. Identify which of the three people in the short story you can relate to the most. Explain why. 3. Discuss whether you think your being able to relate to that person is more reflective of your personality OR of the culture in which you were raised.4. Discuss which cultural dimension is creating the greatest difficulty to decision-making in the short story. An explanation of these six cultural dimensions and can be found HERE (Links to an external site.).
Requirements: 111

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