Question 1 (2.5 points) The __________ control typically allows a programmer to

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Question 1 (2.5 points) The __________ control typically allows a programmer to “group” options together so that no more than one option in the group can be chosen at any given time.Question 1 options:RadioButtonPanelGroupPropertiesQuestion 2 (2.5 points) The __________ menu in Visual Studio provides options to manipulate the GUI layout you are creating, but it only appears when you choose a control in Design View.Question 2 options:FormatDesignBuildEditQuestion 3 (2.5 points) The __________ property allows the programmer to display useful text to the end user when the end user hovers over a control on a form.Question 3 options:TipsTextToolTip on labelsToolTipToolTipQuestion 4 (2.5 points) When obtaining the coordinates of the mouse, they:Question 4 options:are always taken from the main form of the program.are relative to the control that caused the event.are taken from the center of the form.start from wherever the mouse is at that second.Question 5 (2.5 points) A __________ control allows the programmer to group controls together, but can also display a caption to the end user.Question 5 options:LabelPanelFormGroupBoxQuestion 6 (2.5 points) Most controls share the same properties. This is because controls all derive from the same class, which is the __________ class.Question 6 options:FormInheritableSystemControlQuestion 7 (2.5 points) You can access event information on a control by accessing MSDN help information by pressing the __________ key.Question 7 options:F1F5Ctrl + F1Shift + F1Question 8 (2.5 points) A __________ is a container for controls and components.Question 8 options:propertyformgrouplabelQuestion 9 (2.5 points) A form’s autogenerated GUI code is all hosted on the __________ file.Question 9 options:designer.csdeveloper.csC#.cspartial.csQuestion 10 (2.5 points) A __________ control allows a user to view a description of another control on a screen. It also enables a programmer to alter the visual style of that data. However, it does not allow an end user to alter the text.Question 10 options:LabelPanelFormGroupBoxQuestion 11 (2.5 points) In order to add or remove an event from a delegate, you would use:Question 11 options:the Add and Remove methods.the Add and Subtract methods.the += and the -= operators.Events can only be added with the += and not removed from a delegate.Question 12 (2.5 points) A(n) __________ defines the “signature” of an event, indicating what data is generated when the event occurs.Question 12 options:handlereventpropertydelegateQuestion 13 (2.5 points) What does the InitialDelay property of the ToolTip determine?Question 13 options:The amount of time that the tool tip appears while the mouse is over a control.The amount of time that a mouse must hover over a control before a tool tip appears.The amount of time between which two different tool tips appear.The amount of time in which the tool tip is hidden for.Question 14 (2.5 points) The __________ and __________ controls have properties such as Checked, CheckState, and ThreeState.Question 14 options:Checked; RadioCheckBox; RadioButtonRadio; RatioTextBox; LabelQuestion 15 (2.5 points) The G in GUI stands for:Question 15 options:graphical.graphic.graphite.graphically.Question 16 (2.5 points) A __________ control allows the programmer to group controls together, but does not include scrollbars.Question 16 options:LabelPanelFormGroupBoxQuestion 17 (2.5 points) In order to use modifier keys you should:Question 17 options:use the ModifierKey event.use the KeyData property.use the ModifierKeyHandler.Modifier keys have to be dealt with manually.Question 18 (2.5 points) To prevent the display of input values for sensitive data, such as a password, you can set the __________ property to True.Question 18 options:ControlisSensDataUseSystemPasswordCharIsPasswordQuestion 19 (2.5 points) Docking and anchoring are easy ways to:Question 19 options:allow a form to change size without altering the form too much.prevent users from changing the layout of the window.prevent a user from resizing the form.All of the aboveQuestion 20 (2.5 points) A key press, button click, or even moving a mouse are all programmable:Question 20 applications.Question 21 (2.5 points) When creating a new custom visual control, the __________ class should be used to inherit all base properties and methods of a control provided by the .NET Framework.Question 21 options:ControlUserControlSystem.DiagnosticSysFormsQuestion 22 (2.5 points) An MDI application has a parent window and child windows. To establish the relationship between a parent and a child, you need to set the __________ property of a child form to an instance of the parent form.Question 22 options:MdiParentMDIParentisChildFormQuestion 23 (2.5 points) A __________ control can display selectable items in a list and display the items in different formats.Question 23 options:DataViewListViewListerDropDownListQuestion 24 (2.5 points) What is the event when a value is selected?Question 24 options:ValueChangedDateTimeModifiedDateModifiedTimeModifiedQuestion 25 (2.5 points) The use of ToolStripMenuItems in a menu control generates a __________ event.Question 25 options:clickItemClickhoverhot keyQuestion 26 (2.5 points) The _____ property of the MonthCalendar control allows you to set the latest available date the user can choose on the calendar.Question 26 options:DateTimePickerDateMaximumMaxDateQuestion 27 (2.5 points) You can allow multiple items to be selected in a ListBox control by setting the __________ property to MultiSimple or MultiExtended.Question 27 options:SelectionModeChoiceTypeMultiSelectChooserQuestion 28 (2.5 points) You can use the Systems.Diagnostics__________ class to open other programs or websites outside of the application, such as notepad.exe.Question 28 options:RunDebugGoProcessQuestion 29 (2.5 points) A menu item can be indicated as being selected by setting the __________ property to True.Question 29 options:DisabledCheckedEnabledonOffQuestion 30 (2.5 points) The __________ control allows the user to view and select from multiple items in a list.Question 30 options:DropDownListTextboxListBoxPictureBoxQuestion 31 (2.5 points) What event is generated when an MDI child is closed or activated?Question 31 options:MdiChildStatusChangedMdiChildActivateMdiChildModifiedMdiChildCAQuestion 32 (2.5 points) The __________ control allows you to display a hyperlink in a noneditable region on the form.Question 32 options:HyperLinkLinkLabelLabelHyperLabelQuestion 33 (2.5 points) A TabControl control displays several items in a tabular format on a form. Each TabControl contains a collection of __________ objects, allowing the programmer to group controls and information together in each tab.Question 33 options:TabTabPagePagerPagerTabQuestion 34 (2.5 points) A horizontal line in a menu control is called a:Question 34 options:separator bar.HR.dash.separator.Question 35 (2.5 points) An example of a TreeView is:Question 35 options:all of your e-mail.a website in Internet Explorer.the My Computer folder.the left side of Windows Explorer.Question 36 (2.5 points) A __________ control combines the features of a textbox and a drop down list.Question 36 options:ListboxChoiceBoxCheckBoxListComboBoxQuestion 37 (2.5 points) A good example of an MDI program is:Question 37 options:Notepad.Adobe Photoshop.Internet Explorer.All of the aboveQuestion 38 (2.5 points) LinkLabels are used to:Question 38 options:organize a group of labels.bring the user to a desired location.allow many labels to be modified during runtime all at once.All of the aboveQuestion 39 (2.5 points) The CheckedListBox control extends a __________ control by including checkboxes next to each item.Question 39 options:DropDownListTextBoxListBoxPictureBoxQuestion 40 (2.5 points) An __________ event occurs whenever a CheckedListBox item is checked or unchecked.Question 40 options:ItemChangedItemCheckItemSelectedItemChoiceChanged
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